Situated on two acres of hillside amongst lush tropical gardens in Cairns, Far North Queensland, Tree Tops Lodge is a unique retreat owned by Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia.

Its chief aim is to provide a venue where Christian cross-cultural workers may stay when they need medical care or recuperation. The motel is open to folk from all mission agencies, but mainly caters for those serving in Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific. We also welcome members of the public who want to stay with us.

In the late 1980s and early ’90s it became evident that an accommodation facility was needed for mission personnel who found themselves needing to come to Cairns for medical attention or recuperation. Local Christians in Cairns were desperately overburdened trying to billet hundreds of people over the course of each year. Unbeknown to each other, both Wycliffe Australia and Mission Aviation Fellowship were busy scoping the property market in Cairns seeking suitable facilities to fill this need.

Through a miraculous turn of events it was discovered that an old motel in a very run down condition was in receivership and was potentially available at a bargain basement price. The two missions, having become aware of each other’s interest, combined resources in order to bring a deal to fruition. At the same time, a farmer on the nearby Atherton Tablelands heard of their proposed venture. He phoned to say he was retiring after having just sold his farm and would like to help the deal go through. He had always wanted to help mission work and was sending a cheque to cover half the purchase price of the motel.

From that day to this Tree Tops Lodge has flourished thanks to the efforts of many workparties and individuals who have given freely of their time and abilities. Extensive renovations, tree planting, paving, extensions and landscaping have all made Tree Tops Lodge a very pleasant and relaxing environment.

Tree Tops Lodge Cairns
PO Box 136
Cairns, 4870

Ph +61 7 4039 9599
7 Tanner Crescent
Stratford, Cairns

Our Mission

Tree Tops Lodge Cairns is dedicated to glorify God by providing accommodation facilities with a Christian atmosphere for missionaries and those interested in supporting missions.